Wednesday, February 3, 2010

cherry pie

[vintage tennis skirt/ Aldo heels/ XXI knee highs/ Express cardigan]
(Please excuse the wasteland that is our unpacked living room)
I wish I had a starched white cotton button down to wear with this. Like this one, or really any plain button down top from Gap or Target or what have you. I'm not sure how the fates conspired to ensure that I own absolutely no wardrobe basics, but I digress. I'm doing the red/white/blue thing again (aha, pattern) and I really wish I had bought a pack of sparklers to wave around while wearing this.

I am pretty sure I haven't posted this picture yet. Currently my desktop background; I wish my room/entire house looked like this. 


I want pastel hair. And the aplomb to pull it off.


  1. i like the skirt and the top... thats interesting decor kind of has a cold feeling but very cool. maybe you can diy your room to make it look the same lol

    Vi from Cali

  2. Love the blue heels with this ensemble! Fab look!

  3. you look fantastic hon!!
    and love the rest of the post too!
    lovely blog


  4. So sexy! Love how you combined such loud pieces and made them work together. Love your style more and more each time I visit.

  5. love the leopard and knee highs!
    gorgeous blog :)

  6. What a mix of colors! Like it. I love the embellished tights.

    B* a la Moda

  7. great pics! i LOVE your blue heels! xoxo