Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tartes aux Amandes

 [Theirry Mugler skirt, vintage silk cami, XXI vest and necklace, Aldo cobalt heels]

Hm,so aside from looking ridiculously creepy in the second to last photo, I adore this outfit; my love of this leather vest knows no limits. Luckily for me, the weather was actually warm enough to merit wearing it today!

Now, I could make inane small talk about my unending calc tests or how I loathe required classes, but I'd so much rather delve into a short discourse upon...

The good: Oh my god, I love Preen. So well executed, yet still interesting and young. The under-the-chest cutouts and exposed shoulders were sexy in a complex yet understated way. The cutouts were making a strong case for "a new erogenous zone" as one reviewer put it. Moreover, after the endless barrage of masculine and dark fall 09 fashion, the palette of nudes and lavender was glorious. 

To say Wayne's show was awesome would be an understatement, and I would happily wear these clothes everyday (that coat is sick). That said, I feel that this collection is one of many that is riding the golden wave of the "Alexander Wang, urban warrior super cool girl model off duty" chic from last year. The accessories were good, I see the horsehair bits coming around on purses and belts and whatnot.


Another beautiful, but safe collection. I see this line being adapted for daily life really well. There's something magnetic about the prepster look when it's impeccably executed: bravo Mr. Kearney.



Lovely proportions, great layers. I love the taupes and beiges (let's just pretend those first two sequined and spangled pieces never happened, MJ) But seriously. Love the volumes, the long skirts. The exposed ankle took on a racy sexuality, with a very wholesome and feminine overtone. I'm thinking Anne of Green Gables moves to the city and works for Vogue. The collection plays well into this season's pervading theme of fragility and escapism. Girls want to dress up as (or, rather, designers want to dress girls up as) doe eyed porcelain dolls, with an electric current of animalism running just under the surface.

[all fashion week photos courtesy of NY Mag, smooches!] 


  1. I really like your look. It is very laid back and I like it. The pictures are good. A little blurry but it works with the outfit.;)
    Thanks for sharing the collection.

    B* a la Moda

  2. Love your electric blue shoes, so pretty!

  3. Love the shoes, gorgeous color!
    x, fashionnerdic

  4. Your style rocks! The cobalt pumps really really stand out and I think they're fantastic among the sea of black shoes.