Friday, September 28, 2012

What I Wore: Paris Fashion Week

wearing// vintage jacket, Thierry Mugler skirt, h&m tights, Raybans

Spent the bulk of my weekend people watching and lurking around the shows; I've yet to see winter here but I'm betting Fashion Week takes the cake for most magical time of year in Paris. In other news: guess who needs a proper photographer?

Dressing for something like Fashion Week can be daunting, and I saw a couple unfortunate fashionistas hobbling vertiginously down the cobble Parisian streets in ridiculous heels. The French girl's best friend is her high heeled boots. They look stylish while allowing you to brave the metro or trek from show to show. A statement jacket or blazer is an easy way to make a simple look (i.e. black skirt and white button down) appear luxe and expensive, rather than lazy. A color or pattern matching purse finalizes the look, making it polished and coordinated. Extra points if you can shoot unimpressed glares like a real Parisian!