Friday, November 19, 2010

solum ipse

vintage Guess cut offs, XXI black linen button down, super worn in brown leather belt courtesy of some random guy, CVS tights, Sam Edelman pony hair clogs, vintage men's watch and gold chain bracelet]

"She stands upon the further side, Between us flows the Nile; And in those waters deep and wide
 There lurks a crocodile. 'Yet is my love so true and sweet, A word of power, a charm 
The stream is land beneath my feet And bears me without harm. 
'For I shall come to where she stands, No more be held apart; And I shall take my darling's hands And draw her to my heart.'"


  1. those clogs are kinda awesome.

  2. i really like the clogs... where is the poem from?

    Vi from Cali