Sunday, November 7, 2010

shades of fall, cue shameless photobooth debauch.

[vintage embellished shirt, BDG dark rinse jeans, Aldo heels, annoying generic hair-tie on wrist that I always forget to take off]

This is the only live-able corner of my new apartment, ha. Lack of a full-length mirror for the time being means excessive photobooth primping. 
I'm loving the ease of rotating oversized button downs with skinny dark jeans and bulky heels. Just add a leather jacket for night time et voilaaaa.

p.s: DROOOOOL amazing apartment via Coco and Kelly via The Glamourai


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  2. i'm all for oversized button downs. you look gorg!

  3. You're button down is great!

    And huzzah for photobooth!

    Love Grace.

  4. The new digs!! Congrats! :)
    White button-downs are seriously the best staple item. Ever. Hands down.
    And those heels... are... skfskjdfhsklefishlvhslkdjhv. Yup, that hot.


  5. Your beaded detail blouse is beautiful! Love the subtle statement of the blouse with the bold print heels.


  6. Officially just sought out my new inspiration. Love your style girl. This is so classy with the white blouse and heels.

  7. Nice pics

  8. oh wow i really wish i could buy that shirt! i love the beading on it..its a great twist on a classic shirt! im your newest follower!