Saturday, January 16, 2010

pomme, peche, poire

[wearing H&M dress, Nine West tights + booties, Chanel bag, assorted jewelry]

Outfit from last night, spent dancing and merrymaking to celebrate the close of the first week of classes. It gets kind of monotonous, but this is my general "going out" uniform. Blah blah blah random black dress from the litany in my closet, black tights, and either pseudo-gothic jewelry or tons of hardware. I seriously need to force myself to buy a cobalt or mustard colored evening frock. 

Short post, sorry, but business calc is demanding my attention tout de suite

p.s new M.I.A
(her new album drops this summer? Excited.)


  1. You looked great for a Saturday night!

  2. loove the purce and the shoes
    gorgeous outfit<3

  3. such a great outfit for a saturday night, I love it and your chanel bag, yummmm :)

    Theory of a fashion victim

  4. love this look. very chic!

  5. I love the peak-a-boo purple bra in the back and those chains are the perfect touch!

  6. You can't go wrong wearing black to go dancing. When in doubt, it's the perfect solution.

    New MIA... thanks for that.

  7. hahahhah, that cartoon is hilarious!!! And so true! The amount of "slutty" versions on costumes is sick, that's why my friend and I went dressed up as men, strange men,

  8. You have a great blog!
    Best of luck!

    Follow me if you want on

    x Valentine

  9. you're a beauty queen! I love the first image, the open back is such a success!