Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dream Sequence


[Anne Klein blouse/ Sam & Libby gladiator wedges/ altered shorts]

Ugh. Classes start on Monday.
It's bitterly cold, and I no longer have cute outfits to wear, hence the lack of posting. Seriously. Something about living in a warm climate year round dewires the part of your brain that knows how to function in cold weather. Scarves? Jackets? What?
When I'm uninspired for outfits, I tend to gravitate towards bright or interesting pieces, and build the outfit around them. Tonight I just hung around with the roommate and a bottle of South African Pinot Grigio, trying to work up the motivation to venture out into the cold to visit the hookah bar.This shirt catches my eye every time I open my closet, the highlighter pink is a stark contrast to everything else I wear.

[random shots from around my house: cat statuette, part of the MJ ad collection, current jewelry, shelf above bathroom sink]


  1. Love the fuxia color of the shirt and the wedges too!

  2. i LOVE the pink shirt and the accesories
    gorgeous pics darling^^

  3. That pink blouse is stunning. I love how rich and bold the color is!

  4. Love this post! I hearted a few of the pictures because they're so inspiring ( I especially LOVE the pink blouse. So girly! :D

  5. I must say, you've got a very pretty face =)
    your blouse is amazing and very eye-catching,love it!

    Theory of a fashion victim

  6. im in love with the photos on your blog. and the idea of interesting and bright pieces on an uninspiring day is brilliant!!

    Im following!!

    Vi from Cali

  7. i agree, those tan wedges are to die for

  8. I like the last two photographs especially