Monday, February 10, 2014

Inspiration: On Aura Tout Vu SS 14 Couture

On Aura Tout Vu is one of my favorite couture houses - they consistently bend the rules while putting out beautiful, ornate pieces. I worked with them often in Paris; a very sweet organization with an amazing showroom. They construct fantasy out of chiffon and beads; intricate swirls of hand-beading is their hallmark, and Spring's 2014 Couture show in Paris was no exception. The press release describes the collection as:

Melancholy shadows of dark spirits.
Lucioles mutant, undulate time and pearl the night.
White light pierces the body; diamond rivers punctuate the forms, frame the breath, and walk in the shadow of the night.
Dark osmosis between chiaroscuro nights, deceiving silhouettes of a mysterious dream.
The exquisite hour is needed…”

The finale of the runway show was when the lights dimmed and glow in the dark pieces were revealed. GLOW IN THE DARK.The overall feel is very galactic-military-nutcracker 3001 realness. I would translate this to daily wear by piling on the embellishments and statement necklaces... and if you can find that hannibal-glam face mask, even better.

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