Saturday, March 9, 2013

tomb | twerk

ASOS dress, Zara boots, Uniqlo tights, genetic bitch-face
 ph. Elias Theroux  

Some photos from a beautiful day spent in Père Lachaise with my bff who is currently visiting from the states. Normal graveyard exploring plus an adorable encounter with a tiny orange graveyard cat, who, contrary to appearance, was quite alive and friendly after an elderly woman came to feed him. Apparently, this cat has been the bench keeper of Père Lachaise for ages, and the woman has been coming to feed him for years. 

addendum: two different pairs of shoes; if anyone tries to tell you they wore heels to jaunt about Père Lachaise (or most places in Paris, for that matter) they are full of shit. I love you, bye.

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