Monday, August 8, 2011



Finally done with summer classes, about to voraciously dig into my scant two weeks of summer vaca. Goals:
$beach goth day, fall asleep on a raft floating in the ocean with a sun hat the diameter of a killer whale
$finally do that thing where I mercilessly purge my closet of drab shit and craft a perfect and pristine wardrobe comprised of like 3 perfect things (theory wedges, blazer, studded shorts, the end)
$make new friends or some shit like that/purge the lame ass ones who shove all their stress and life problems onto you
$clean my apartment so hxc that it sparkles and magically never sullies itself again
$stop using the word "like" as a vocalized pause.
$push the envelope with some ridic photoshoots. climb a tree wearing nothing but glitter? yeah sure, ok!


  1. those goals sound doable. i clean out my closet about once a month... a tad bit ocd. i'm all right with that.

    i'm loving the polaroids.

  2. That bathroom is amazing! I'm interior obsessed at the moment making over my apartment. Would love a bathroom or I should really just say bath tub like that.

    Good little post -- really love the mix of imagery!!