Monday, August 16, 2010

holy shit

;; in which I reflect upon the manifest glory of esoteric jewelry:

ring from open air market in Tonola, Mexico
boring outfit: white linen Gap top, XXI tank, torn up denim shorts

yes, my friend. This is in fact a full length jointed finger ring with a pointy tip, adorned with a lovely obese/fanged spider and flames. Ripped from the skeleton of a feudal 12th century lord.

Tomorrow it's back to the states for me, my last night in Mexico will be spent tracking down creepy mexican graveyards and learning foul words in Spanish.


  1. how are you going to take that on the plane?? better check yo' ish. but awesome find! it screams "street style."


  2. That ring is INSANE! OHMYGOD! how much was it? i swear aweome ones like that are so exspenisve!
    Panda xxx

  3. Good god that ring is insane! I want it.

    Love Grace.

  4. I love the ring..great pics too!