Thursday, June 17, 2010

study break

[Breton LS from Target, vintage lucite necklace]

I'm in between classes, time for a quick update! Here's what I wore today, minus the light denim shorts and pink suede shoes. Suprisingly, this Target top ended up being luxuriously soft and slouchy. I think Target is one of those retailers that has unexpected great pieces, the trick is to go for a few sizes larger than you normally wear. My necklace is new, and definitely reminds me of the SS Prada lucite madness/amazingness. I kinda sorta really want some clear, stackable lucite bangles too. 

Here's a run-on sentence of what I'm currently inspired by:
silk shorts in amazing fall colors like rust, lucite jewelry, orange/orange-red lipstick, long hair, middle parts, Olivia Palermo, white blazers, tailored and structured pieces mixed with silk, closed toe platform pumps in crazy colors, lemon grass oil, and hair-repair masks. 

shorts + cropped jacket = summer uniform (pass on the clear bag, thanks)
To update for fall, add layer and booties:


  1. You are so pretty girl !
    I like Olivia's style really much :))

  2. i love necklace and the top...ill have to try target for close! i always look and convince myself i dont need to be near the clothing section

    Vi from Cali

  3. love your navy inspired outfit

  4. totally loving it
    youve got a great blog, keep it up!
    if you’ve got a few seconds and like cute dresses, go to and put in your email, it will make you a part of sway, who is launching their collection in the fall…and it sends me to vegas! i need a 1,000 girls to sign up before august, and it would mean the world to me, thanks!
    keep up your awesome inspiration, i’ve linked you on my blog roll!


  5. I love that striped top! Following you now :)

  6. Nice necklace