Sunday, April 18, 2010

unbearable lightness of being

[vintage quilted purse, trousers, and pearls/ Armani Exchange "Impress Me" tank/XXI vest/ RayBans/ Nine West heels]

I've been so reluctant to make the switch to spring appropriate clothes; I'm perfectly happy with my layers and leather jacket. Unfortunately, the weather's already getting into the high eighties so that's not an option. I was able to salvage this biker vest from my winter wardrobe, though. It'll be perfect with flowery dresses in the next few months.
These pants are by far one of my best vintage finds. I love the fact that they have pockets (prime way to occupy your hands in socially awkward situations) and when cuffed they give off a total Hepburn vibe.

As much as I complain about the scalding temperatures, I love summer. Just walking along the sidewalk and feeling the sun on the back of my arms is enough to completely turn my mood around (and I need it, thanks to my impending exams).


  1. i like this outfit... so cute the pants are my fave part of it

    i love the summer heat too!

    hope your exams go well

    Vi from Cali

  2. cool post!!!!!!!!

    lovely outfit!!!

    great blog!!

    come visit me..:))

  3. It's got such a wonderful biker-chick-meets-Audrey vibe! I love it so much... and is your real name Gemini? Because that kicks ass! :D

    Live Love LA

  4. love your outfit!
    great blog, thanks for your comment.

  5. I love that style of pants, I'm seeing em around more frequently lately. I wish I could pull them off as well as you!

  6. Ooh this is a very nice outfit, love the pants and the vest!

  7. i really love ur pants, looks very comfort!


  8. Love this look! The entire combo works so well!

  9. the leather vest makes the outfit rock! it is so cool and stunning... as always, you amazing girl!


  10. Adore your leather vest and also those heels are so gorgeous!! Wait,is your tattoo on your arm a new one??

  11. love the shoes and the ray bans!!

    follow if u like what u see?

    happy day!!


  12. love the trousers they are quite perfect, great find!

    the contemporary ingenue

    xoxo E&L

  13. Such a good look! I like that trousers are replacing jeans. And smooth move pairing it with a leather moto vest.

    Love Grace.