Wednesday, March 24, 2010


[Banana Republic dress, XXI belt, Tahari heels, Chanel purse, XXI cross ring]
I've been feeling a little uninspired with my wardrobe lately. My first instinct when I can't figure out what to wear is to go buy something new; which ends up amounting to wardrobe overstuffed with impulse purchases and mounting debt. Not to mention it's impossible to save for Loubs or a classic quilted Chanel when you're (ostensibly) wasting money every week on another black dress, or neon pink high rise jeans (long story). 
So, my new method of attack (I make getting dressed in the morning sound like a military operation. It might as well be.) is to force myself to think of creative ways to re-wear and style things I already have. If I'm really stuck, I just pick out one thing I really like (a clutch, or drape-y sweater, or favorite jewelry) and work around that. 
This t-shirt dress is one of those amazingly versatile pieces that I always seem to forget I have. It looks good worn as a dress, or with jeans. I wore it to class with a leather jacket and low-slung belt, then changed to the cinched waist and bare legs for night.


  1. How amazing isn't this outfit? I'm still shocked, you look so marvellous! So stylish yet so simple!

  2. That is a really nice outfit. Love that simple red dress!

  3. Pretty.
    Loving the blue nail polish.

  4. i LOVE those heels. i've seen them before. think i might even have tried them on, but alas, i'm a klutz and would snap my neck.

    great ensemble. beautiful dress. :)

  5. Love the blue nail varnish
    Rianna xxxx

  6. What a great post - i love it..
    Oh + Thanks for the comment!
    Panda x

  7. love the color of your nail polish on your toes


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    juliet xxx

  9. You have such classic style, and your hair is amazing, Great blog- Im following x


  10. love this red dress, simple and chic

  11. it's tough having the closet blues, but i think you have a perfect plan of action. i love your blue toes!

  12. cute shoes!