Saturday, February 20, 2010

White Russian

[H&M dress, Nine West tights, Vintage clutch, XXI vest, heels, and cross ring]

[Rodarte jean jacket, XXI skirt, Nine West patterned tights, Target gray tights]

I've had an amazing weekend so far, these are the outfit that I wore out the past few days. The first is from Thursday night. I tried to vary my basic 'going out' uniform (baby steps, people!) with a preppy vest and high heeled oxfords. We went out dancing, and the amazing dj (aka my new bestfriend) supplied a constant stream of Major Lazer, The Bloody Beetroots, Dead Mau5, Mickey Avalon, and old school Britney Spears. I have no idea how I managed in those GIANT heels into the early morning hours, but I did.
The second outfit is from Friday night. I went to a house party of sorts,  a) which had amazing music b) had some kid in the kitchen who was mixing White Russians like it was going out of style c) I was having a great hairday ; thus, was a blast.  It was freezing, naturally, so I wore two layers of tights. I paired the outfit with my cobalt Aldo heels and Coco Pink lipstick.
Tonight I'm just taking it easy, doing homework while bloggin' and eating vegan carrot cake. How have your weekends been?!


  1. loove the heels and the West<3
    lovely blog dear!

  2. awesome i only tried that one time
    but i dontthink they made it really well

    your outfit looks awesome!~

  3. your jean jacket makes me want it to be spring where i live so i can buy one like this


  4. I love those heels! Cute outfit :)

  5. love the fisrt pic
    your shoes are perfect


  6. sooo...that guy's hot. and so are your shoes!
    looks like a great weekend.

  7. 1. vests are my secret fetish
    2. major lazer, deadmau5, bloody beetroots? sounds AMAZING!
    3. is vegan carrot cake as good as the OG type?