Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm a stranger to my home

[vintage dress & jacket, Nine West altered flats]
new DIY!

I suppose it's not technically a DIY, I just studded a pair of flats, but oh so cool. Like those Rodarte Loubs that everyone was fawning over a few months back:

 It's my second attempt at studding flats, the first time didn't work out because I used the prong-back type of studs, and they cut mercilessly into my feet when I wore them.
The title of this blog is apt, because for the past couple days I've been moving into my new loft with my roommate. We're only staying here for 4 months while the house being changed up, so it's weird to try and see this place as home. Plus it sucks to buy all this other furniture to only use for 4 months.
Other than that, I took my last exam today (all A's!) so everything is gloriously simple for the next month.



  1. That flats look great , love that picture whispering to the head. Looks brilliant

  2. Love the back of the dress.
    Lovely pictures.
    X, fashionnerdic.

  3. i LOVE the shoes:O
    they're amazing
    cooll pics

  4. I really love the flats with the studs! You are very creative! The back f the dress is really pretty and sexy!

    B* a la Moda

  5. gorgeous pictures! love the studded flats.

  6. gorgeous photos done and I really do love the back of your dress! And thumbs up to the DIY with your shoes <3

  7. fabulous. just fabulous.

    - the clothing project

  8. love that dress esp the back xx

  9. thanks.
    amazing pics. i love the shoes!

  10. amazing pictures! i love those flats!

  11. love these pictures. they give off such an effortlessly amazing vibe. the detail on that dress is to die for. as for your DIY, i think its great. where did you find those studs? id like to get my hands on some of that caliber
    fabulous blogg!

  12. Awesome job with the studded flats.

  13. i'm digging it! i saw they were selling studs at h&m the other day specifically for studding your own shoes, but these are way cooler than what i had in mind!