Thursday, November 12, 2009

Passion Pit

[Fashionisima tee/ Levi's jeans/ XXI booties and ring/ H&M sweater/ vintage necklace]

My Fashionisima t-shirt finally came! Fashionisima is a Spanish fashion website, and even though I speak no Spanish, the website is still great. They've got three styles of promotional shirts, but this one is by far my favorite.The design is a bit macabre and abrasive, but if you're going to wear a tee, it might as well be an interesting one.
In other news, I'm featured for WhoWhatWear's November StyleStalker series!

(bottom right)
I look weirdly angry in the photo... but I'm still ridiculously honored to be featured.
you can read the article here.


 I'm a huge fan of international fashion weeks, so I was excited to hear that Pakistan Fashion Week, after many delays, had finally taken place. The event was rescheduled twice because of fears of militant violence. No foreign designers or buyers were invited to attend due to safety concerns. The event went off without a hitch, though, and the CEO of Pakistan Fashion Week was quoted calling the event, "a gesture of defiance to the Taliban." Many of the models walked down the runway sporting spikes and tattoos, in clothing that is normally considered taboo. Designers presented a mix of clothes, some drawing on traditional Pakistani outfits and tribal motifs, others that had little or no sign of traditional aesthetics.Overall, Pakistan Fashion Week was a success, bolstering an industry that employs hundreds of thousands of people. The message is an important one; that the world won't stop and shut down in fear of political turmoil and violence.


  1. I love the shoes style and color. Nice shots!

  2. Beautiful shirt and congrats on your fab feature girl !

    And gorgeous runway photos :D

  3. Love yor style and your blue eyes!!!
    This shirt is great I´ve got the same.
    I follow you and I hope that you follow me too, and we can talk again!!


  4. I Am Denise Katipunera

    oh my! you have a very very pretty face. I love your style little miss. You are so cute.

    I Am Denise Katipunera

  5. Reallyyyyy nice outfit, my dear!

    I love how you wear a simple jeans + t-shirt!

  6. LOVE your booties so cuteee. and those pakistani fashion week photos are quite amazing and inspirational!

    the contemporary ingenue

  7. This Pakistan Fashion Week's episode (AND is so beyond comparison socio-cultural significance) Truly proves us that sometimes Fashion can transcends its inner superficial side while having a Soul . . .
    ps: I really like the way your "self-proclaimed savagery" Always declines itself with a lot of bewtiching/ethereal delicacy !!! Exquisite with a capital letter .

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  8. Wow, all is very cool!
    And I like your outfits!

  9. I love yout outfits! It's amazing!!!! and Great blog.
    and i had never heard about Pakistani fashion week thank you for information.

  10. luv your tee*°*°*°*°

  11. I like this shirt and the necklace is awesome :)

  12. love the shirt + shoes!! awesome blog :)


  13. Thanks for sweet comment darl :) Love that tee!!! and you have a great blog going on :)

    Jes x

  14. u remind me on that actress who is the leading role in twilight

  15. i love your shoes! and it's so great about pakistan fashion week. so amazing.

  16. you look gorgeous, congrats!
    and that tee is great.
    i love the necklace too.

  17. you look perfect! I love your shirt :)

  18. oh what a header! what a shirt!
    and i like how you remembered about that classy 'heels + blue jeans' mix. you look pefect.

    hi, i'm Masha. and i'm sure you won't mind if i follow you )

  19. Congrats on the feature... I love the tee and your jeans. the perfect casual chic outfit!

  20. Re:Awww,you're so sweet I love love your gorgeous hair too and your closet of clothes !!

  21. i'm soo loving your tee!!!!