Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pale Evening

Lazy day. After working all day it's so right to lounge around in a mess of unstructured jersey.

Sweater: Gap Body; Leggings: Target; Necklaces: Chanel & vintage horn; Heels: Penny loves Kenny (via TJ Maxx)

These leggings are... ridiculous. And the shoes... ridiculous. I feel vaguely arachnid in these towering gladiator wedges, but they are the most comfortable shoes I have, and being over 6 feet tall gives me a total power trip.

Today I'm lurking: Givenchy SS10 RTW
Just to preemptively clarify, the overly tumid draped pieces and kkk-esque cone hats were disgusting... but I adore the chic 90s vibe from everything else. The compact draped frocks = win. Riccardo Tisci's referencing of the kaffiyeh scarf was a lot better than it sounds. The print was skewed enough to be a peripheral idea, more than a gaudy splash over the garments. The vibe is totally "goddess 90s witch doctor" but it totally works. What I really liked best about the collection in general, was the way it so completely embodied the strength, masculinity, and quiet sensuality of fall style... without covering every single piece in studs and leather, or ripping off Balmain.

(shout out to Vena Cava SS10! So bad ass.)

Oh & p.s.

I ordered a new camera today! After much consultation from my best friend (who knows far more about cameras than I) we chose the Nikon D40. So excitedddd!


  1. i loved the givenchy collection too - shame about those hats haha. maybe that's what's meant to draw us in, hmm...

    i like your lounging outfit, mine usually consists of pyjamas.



    One Love,

  3. those wedges are have an awesome blog, great style

    come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

  4. I agree. Those leggings and wedges are ridiculous.
    Thank you so much for the comment!
    xx. Shannon

  5. Seriously loving your wedges!!

  6. loove your outfits! there's always a touch of rocker/grunge to them, which is awesome :)

    thanks for your comment!!

  7. I love those wedges, I normally avoid high heels because I hate towering over everyone else... but it's got to be done!

    Great site btw, have added you to my blogroll

  8. amazing look.
    i love your sleggings.
    and I want a camera that also! ;x

  9. These leggings are brilliant! Love the photos as well, so lovely. oh you are so lucky to get a new camera, it looks fab. Hope you have fun with it! xo

  10. Thanks so much for the lovely comment on my blog !!

    I really love love your leggings and those wedges,woooooo ! Beautiful,and yes wedges are always so much more comfortable <3 <3

    Love love the Givenchy,stunning !

    And congrats on getting your new camera sooon .I bet you'll have so much fun with it <3 <3

    Following your blog girl !

  11. how awesome. my photos have been so much different once i bought an slr. one of my favourite things ever! :D p.s. love your blog.. and these cool photos. can't wait to c photos with your new cam x

  12. amaaaaazing wedges - i love your blog too!
    + adding you to my blog roll ;)

    x kaela

    p.s. about US trip.. not exactly sure where we're going.. there are a few musts.. but we'll sort of be road tripping and flying around to a bunch of places! there for 2 months so there is plenty of time :)

  13. You found those wedges at TJ Maxx?? Amzing!

  14. love this post x
    you lucky girl, I might have to steal your camera ahaha

    Theory of a fashion victim